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Fitness coaching

Get coached under my expert guidance and watch yourself nail all your fitness goals - cutting down that extra fat, building muscles, getting stronger and improving stamina.

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Book an online consultation with me today. It shall be a half an hour 1-1 call on your scheduled time and date, where I will help you with education, planning and execution of your fitness goals.

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Fitness Programs

Choose a program from a list of prebuilt fitness and nutrition programs I designed and follow at your own pace. You can repeat these as needed for a lifetime of results.

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About Me

- I am Kush, an ISSA-certified online fitness coach and nutritionist. I have been working out religiously for the past five years and guiding fitness enthusiasts for the past four years.
- I have always believed that getting fit is not a headache or burden if done correctly, and that's what I aim to do through my coaching.
- Put your efforts in the right direction, and you will get hooked on this unique process of getting into the best shape of your life.

My special expertise in fitness coaching

Certified Expert

I am an ISSA-certified fitness professional; under my belt, you shall be coached by a thorough professional.

Coaching experience

I have trained 400+ clients and developed a good idea of the approaches that work for different people.

Launch your fitness journey today

- I have got you covered whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall fitness.
- I will help you set achievable targets, provide ongoing support and motivation to help you reach them, and ensure that you remain committed to a lifelong journey of physical, mental and social well-being.
- Give yourself the gift of good health by starting today!


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