My journey - How did I get started with my fitness routine?


- Post covid, I had fallen out of shape. Seeing myself out of shape was depressing, but I never lost hope.
- I promised to get in the best shape of my life in two to three months, get abs and build muscles.
- I started with home workouts and did my meal prep.
- I started working out six days a week along with empty stomach cardio three days a week.
- I reached my goal within 12 weeks and had shredded six-pack abs.
- As they say, it seems only possible if it is done.

My mission

- My mission is to provide personalized and convenient fitness coaching to individuals looking to improve their health and wellness.
- Everyone can reach their fitness goals; my goal is to help guide and support them along their journey.
- To simplify Fitness and Nutrition for people of all age groups and help them with a sustainable approach.
- To educate and inculcate the habit of EATING RIGHT through my content and coaching so that, ultimately, people can become independent and get into the best shape of their life.

My vision

- My vision is to become the leading online fitness coaching platform, helping people from all walks of life to achieve their fitness goals and lead a healthy lifestyle.
- To empower individuals across the world to transform their lives through effective fat loss and muscle-building programs, combining personalized nutrition plans and online coaching.
- I envision a world where everyone can access the tools and support they need to live a healthy and active life.



Being born and bought up in a Gujarati family, I was a very pampered kid, and food was a significant part of my life. I clicked this picture in high school when I hit 100 kgs and started getting bullied for my weight. Also, this is when I joined a tiny and essential gym in my town without knowing how to take this forward.


After years of trial and error, I finally figured out the importance of nutrition and how it can drastically change the game in your transformation journey. I started losing fat and gaining muscles smoothly now because of the proper implementation of knowledge, and this was all by self-learning.


Being average in my studies for my whole life, I never dreamt of getting placed in the first rounds of interviews during my last semester of college.  But I was placed in the world's best E-commerce company, Amazon. This was when I discovered that fitness is not just about going to the gym for me; it had a deeper meaning, and my curiosity for learning more increased. I started giving my colleagues free tips and diet plans, and everyone started seeing excellent results. And this was the turning point of my life. I realized this gives me more happiness and satisfaction than my daily job. Life seemed so much sorted, but destiny had something else written for me. After working for five years in the corporate sector with companies like Amazon, PayPal, and Razorpay, I finally decided to say goodbye to my corporate journey to give a break to myself.


During the Lockdown days, this era of online coaching started, and as I was jobless with literally any bank balance, I randomly posted a status for my online coach. Surprisingly, I got three queries the next day; two assumed it was free. The 3rd one was a potential client, and she agreed to pay for the coaching program, and this was the start of my coaching carrier. I then got certified with ISSA and cleared my fitness coach and Nutritionist certification. From that day till now, It has been a fantastic journey of coaching 400+ people worldwide and helping them with their fitness goals. Coaching people has much to do with communication and understanding their issues rather than just providing them with a nutrition plan. In today's generation, there is a lot of miscommunication and tons of myths related to weight and overall fitness, and it is crucial to let people know that being fit is not about doing extraordinary things; it's about consistently doing ordinary things.


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